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Our prayer is that through the different forms of creativity showcased here, you will encounter God and His heart of love for you, just as you are. We also believe that God wants to bring emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing to us and that He can use artistic / creative expressions to do that. God is a creator, making every human being and everything we can see and experience. As we are made in His image, we are creators too. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the various art forms on the site. The contributions can include dance, drama, film, visual art, music, photography, baking, crafts, architecture, floristry, writing, storytelling, poetry, spoken word and more!

You can read / watch some real-life stories of how people have heard from God and experienced healing through creativity in the Blog. Here is one amazing short story about how one lady was healed from PTSD and anxiety through dance:


In Greek, the word Axia means value, price, worth and merit.

This website is about celebrating creativity that shines a spotlight on the beauty and worth of Jesus and how much He values every person He’s created.

It’s easy to lose the sense of real value in a world that often measures worth based on what we can do, on status, wealth, fame, achievements etc. As Christians we believe that Jesus showed us our worth by giving His life for us, making the way for us to know Him through His sacrifice. The bible shows us that God wants to interact with us, to communicate with us and guide us. He says He is the light of the world; He wants to show us truth, so we don’t have to stumble around in the darkness.

If you want to know more, we would love to connect with you through our contact page.

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